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Sat 28
Woodley Saints Panthers
U14 Coyotes
B Emmett (14'), C Sutton (16'), (63'), Z Qadeer (23'), (34'), J Cock (38'), (40'), (44')
At full steam applying practice attacking approaches

At full steam applying practice attacking approaches

By Jarda Krecek
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Convincing win. Practice paid off.

It was a great game to be part of.

Expected to be in a better form, judging the impact of the strong wind, Coyotes picked the easier direction in the 1st half with a view to make most of it from the get-go. And from the start, we had more out of the game.

We combined well; used praciced attacking combinations on the right sides and looked for the split passes and little through-balls in the centre and forwards. Our defence also kept it safe - hardly any danger reached all the way to Danny.
Being constantly threatening, having few chances, at 14th minute Ben used his strong ball control and found a way to shoot for 1:0. Two minutes later, Cameron, from a break, played a beautiful clever chip over the goalkeeper for 2:0.
At this point, we started to dominate the game. Our midfield found that through-balls were the best way to get through their very good centre back and we kept the opposition under constant pressure. Our attacking combinations on both sides and wings worked well to keep threatening our opposition.
At 23rd minute, after one of many corners, Zain, who kept some space around him as we practised, have shot between players for 3:0.
Before the half time break, Zain then added one more for 4:0.

Despite winning 4:0 we knew that next, we'd play into the wind and all could be very different. We had to rely on keeping the ball on the ground and make even more use of the through-balls than in the first half. And it worked! Jamie made number of very good runs and scored his hattrick very soon after the half-time (minutes 39, 41, 44).
Overall, despite wind helping our opposition a lot, we kept the second half was well balanced. We did concede a goal at 57th minute. But Cameron soon after responded with 2nd goal of his own for 8:1. The final change of the scoreboard was by our opposition at 65th minute for final 8:2.

The quality of our game was very good. We applied many things for our training ground, were disciplined, played clever and worked as a team the whole 70 minutes. It was great to see. May that continue to our future matches.

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Sat 28, Sep 2019



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Pitch 9 - Berkshire County Sports, Sonning Lane, Sonning, RG4 6ST

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